New Year Resolution

Hello World,

Another year is at its end and everyone is busy in finding his or her new year resolution, no matter that last year’s resolution is still somewhere tying to get hope before ending with the year. Every year starts with a resolution and ends with a conclusion that with this year I’ll stick to my resolution and complete it.

Like everyone else I’m the lazy guy with lots of expectations from life, everything was fine till I started thinking about my new year resolution which reminds me that I have never completed my resolutions. So, It is a worthless idea if I dream another resolution and with the month end I forget it and ruin everything I have planned for the year.

Finally I have decided to complete the 2014 resolution before stepping forward to another challenge. Few quick big steps to a new journey, new challenges and new lessons.

‘Entrepreneurship’ , the next big thing I’m digging into. Running faster to match the timelines I have decided last year. This year’s resolution is on hold till I complete the last one. And this time everything will be on time.

I don’t know if it is the right decision but it is another step to my destiny so I’ll make it right anyhow. The 2015 resolution is to be on time, on track and finish whatever started.

Thanks for tolerating me till last line.

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